Meet The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Wolf Pack

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Go behind the scenes of our photo shoot with four of the wolves from Eclipse.


[MUSIC] I don't know. I like it, like you're all wolves, sleeping together. That's good. [LAUGH] I'm starting to realize that I just can't put on schmutzy clothes and [LAUGH] Walk out and somebody [COUGH] might take a random photo. I still dress pretty [LAUGH] Crappy. [LAUGH] Sort of like a ragamuffin, not much has changed. I never put so much emphasis on style. Doing photo shoots like this and being around, just like, amazing Giving me clothes. [LAUGH] And made me like aspire to greater things. You have to shop around to different designers and they want you to try things on. I discovered I have a fashion sense now. I'm like a kid in a candy store. Yeah! Yay! What's it like working with Rob, Kris, and Taylor? I used to be able to just walk around with Taylor and just go get something to eat. You know, he wasn't Taylor Lautner yet. When we started filming Eclipse it was different. You know, we had go through tons of hurdles just to hang out. Oh, you know, to even go bowling. Taylor's a, he's just a good kid. I really like Taylor. Rob's not really in our story line. But, I've met him briefly and stuff and he's really sweet and a great musician. And, and Kristen is adorable. Kristen's very sweet. There's a scene in New Moon where I have to pick her up and she's very light, thank God. We're like a family now. I mean we, we're sort of on the same journey together. So, we really rely. On each other for support. It's interesting how your life can change in a moment. Last year I was eating ramen noodles and now I'm sitting on this platform shooting for InStyle. It's just mind boggling. It's great, being blessed. Yeah, yeah. [MUSIC]
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