Mastering the Messy Bun

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Learn how to create a perfectly laid-back look with stylist Harry Josh.


[MUSIC] I'm here to show you how to do the perfect messy bun. This is not your traditional bun, this is the modern haphazard, wild bun in the back, but controlled and calm in the front. The key, of course, is locking it in with pins, and I'm here to show you how to do that. [MUSIC] Now, what you wanna start off is creating a nice part. I've already started with a nice side part here, cuz I think this is gonna be beautiful on her. And I'm just gonna brush her hair into a really nice [MUSIC] Clean ponytail. And even though we're doing a messy look, the beginning has to start off clean in order for you to destroy it. So as you could see I've decided to start with the side part. But that's not the only rule. You can go down the middle, you can pile it up high. The key is your foundation is gonna be where the ponytail base is. So whether you do a ponytail here [MUSIC] Off center on this side, or dead center in the back. That's where it's gonna be all about. Now, whatever works for you ponytail-wise is gonna be fine. Elastic-wise, I like these bungee cords. You can get them in pretty much any drugstore. Just hook it into the hair. Wrap it around, until you run out of room [MUSIC] So you have your ponytail, what you wanna do is back-comb it in thirds. So let's take about a third of the hair, just like this, and all we're gonna do with our comb, or brush, either one will work is just back-comb the hair right to the base of the ponytail. It's kinda turning into this wild, crazy texture, and that's really gonna help you when you start to wrap it around and really lock those pins in shape. All right. And you also see you get a lot of volume in this which is really gonna be helpful to get that really big, crazy, messy bun we've been talking about. So now you've backcombed this whole section. Now what you wanna do from this point, it's all about twisting and shaping. There is no rhyme or reason to this look. It's really about creating what feels right. The look is not meant to be polished, so you're allowed to just kinda spin it around as you feel fit and as you're spinning, that's when you secure the pins. [MUSIC] Now there's 2 pins that are out there on the market. There's the bobby pin, and then there's also the hair pin, which is shaped more like a U, and really helps lock in the bun. So as you're twisting the hair around the base, just go ahead and pin that. Grab about an inch of the actual bun and then scrape it along your scalp like that and that should lock it into place. And keep following it all the way around the head as you're twisting and working. So you're gonna jam some of that hair in, and you're gonna do the same thing, and you're gonna, just gonna twist it around. Lock it into place. So you remember what we've done so far? We secured it into a ponytail. We then backcombed everything and just haphazardly pinned everything around the bun. Secured it against the scalp, and there you have it. You've got your messy bun. It's got a nice, rough texture but this is also clean and controlled. A great thing to do just before you leave the house. Finish it off with a bit of hair spray and you're ready to hit the town. [MUSIC]
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