Master a Smoky-Eye


A step-by-step guide to getting this popular red-carpet look.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Mia Quynh. I'm a makeup artist from L.A. and I'm here today to show you how to get a smoky eye. This is Isabella. We're gonna do the evening look on her today. Before I do any foundation I like to start with moisturizer and lip balm. We're gonna do the really dark eyes so I like to do the eye before the foundation. Black is very dramatic, so it's good for evenings. [MUSIC] Now I'm taking a, a pointy brush and I'm just kind of smudging the liner. You can always use a Q-Tip to remove any extra smudges that you may not want. To make sure you have the even amount on both sides, it's good to start with less and keep adding in case it's not even. You don't want it super thin, but you don't want, want it really thick because we're also going to smudge it. Now I'm just lining the top. Really close to the lash line and then after I line it, I'm gonna take the brush that use on the bottom and just smudge. [MUSIC] The top. If you want your eye, less dramatic, you don't have to use black. You can use brown or dark brown. So, I like to start that as a base for a smoky eye, and then I'll add a dark shadow on top of that. And I'll make it even more intense. [MUSIC] This is a crease brush and it's good for blending. Let's say if her eye is bare and you're just using shadow on top, it wouldn't really stick and be as an intense look. Right now, I'm just going over the liner underneath with a smaller brush and just blending it in. If you have have a lot of fallen eyeshadow you can take something wet and it'll clean up whatever shadow you have under your eye, and then you can start your foundation. Thanks for joining us. Keep checking back for more beauty tips. [MUSIC]
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