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Join our MySpace What's Your Style? contest winner as she hits the streets of N.Y.C.


[MUSIC] It's time to get in style. Come on. Likes to make New York my space. I'm 21 years old from Fort Laredo Florida, I'm a dancer and a singer but I also go to college, I found out about In Style, your look on My Space. I'm a huge In Style fan and so, I clicked on the page and read about the contest and that's it. [LAUGH] Hi. Hi. How are you? Good and you? Sydney. Marissa. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Congratulations. Thank you. So what are you looking for today? I'm in New York on my shopping spree and I'm just looking for something fun and stylish. Fun and stylish to take back home and make a statement. Yes. Let's do it. Just coming to New York and being a part of InStyle Your Look, that was just amazing all on its own. Hey guys, we're here at intermix, I just started my shopping spree, this is my first look. This is my second look, I love both of my outfits, I'm gonna go ring them up And got along with my shopping spree. I got a great start, let's keep going. I just got to H & M and they have really cute clothes for really low price. Let's go check it out. I found so many clothes and now I'm gonna go try on my second out So check it out. This is my second look, I've been shopping all day. [MUSIC] Hi, Marissa. Hi. Welcome to InStyle. Now I'm gonna give you a tour of the office to show you where all the magic happens. Okay [MUSIC] Welcome the the in style fashion closet. Oh my gosh. So as you can see. Oh my gosh. It's sort of laid out in shoes, bags, outfits. Way cool, oh my gosh. I'm leaving in style now. Welcome to Sephoroa. As you can see, it's a huge beauty emporium. So I have some great stuff that I wanna show you, and we can try out. All right? Okay. So I just came to Sephora with Ming from InStyle, who gave me a lot of great tips for makeup. I'm gonna pair you up with a color specialist, and she's gonna help you choose a perfect lip gloss shade, and apply it to you. He's got a lot of really great colors here, and looking at your skin tone, I'm going to say, let's go with this one. It's got little flecks of shimmer in it, so it's really going to brighten your eyes up. Okay? Take a look. What do you think? It's really pretty. I love the color. So now we're going to go to the Ted Gibson salon. And Ted Gibson is an amazing hair stylist, and we're going to go and take you to get your change for your hair consultation. Awesome. We have a, a little Ted Gibson Bandostick here, which you can put your hair in a chignon or a ponytail and it goes in like a chopstick and then the rubber band will secure it like so. What do you think? I like it a lot. It's really easy way to put up your hair and just go out. Awesome. [MUSIC] Thank you InStyle and everyone involved. I had an amazing time, and I definitely made New York my space. [MUSIC]
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