Real-Time Fashion: Make a Big Impact With Minimalism


It's back to basics! This season, it seemed as though every designer (Derek Lam, Narciso Rodriguez and Jil Sander to name just a few) worked the timeless color combo black and white into their spring collections, from monochromatic ensembles to color-blocked pieces. We turned to InStyle Senior Market Editor and Digital Correspondent Dana Avidan-Cohn for a lesson on mastering the art of minimalist dressing.

"The key to achieving the looks is to make sure the tailoring is on point," she says. "You don't need to spend a lot to put this together, you just need to make sure you're getting the right pieces." On that note, watch the video clip above to see how exactly it's done. To get the look, head on over to for more shopping info, including a black asymmetric V-neck Tibi dress ($298) or a white organza panel Topshop top ($68). The result? An effect that's "impossibly clean, simple, and beautiful."

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[MUSIC] When we went to spring shows the phrase I kept hearing over and over again is, everything going to be black and white, and it really was just on every single runway in every single collection it seemed. And I think why people were so drawn to the black and white trend is because it's so impossibly clean, and simple, and beautiful when it's done properly. The key to achieving the look is to make sure that you're tailoring is on point. You're gonna want the hem lines perfect, the pant shape to be exactly fitted, the pleats in the right place. Your jacket should be structured. You don't need to spend a lot to put this together. You just need to make sure that you're getting the right pieces. My favorite silhouettes in black and white are a perfectly tailored pencil skirt that just sort of hugs the skin. You can definitely wear all white. You just wanna stay away from the very harsh whites. They can wash you out and, and feel a little bit too intense. Instead, you wanna try for something that's a little bit more subtle, a little bit softer, like ivory, bone, slightly, you know, richer cream. And then go for textures. So if you can find something in leather or a knit. That's gonna very, you know, create a much softer look. You can really make a statement wearing the simplest pieces if they're cut beautifully. The tuxedo look plays really well to black and white because it's traditionally black and white. So it's very easy to mix these pieces in again and again. And to reinvent them to wear to different places. So you could wear this out to drinks with your friends, and then it could also take you to a black tie if you were adding the right accessories. This dress is a new take on a very classic tuxedo jacket, but instead, the lapel is. On this amazing black dress. You don't have to be so constructed with your accessories. You can take some playful risks and do something a little bit more unpredictable. So instead of a black heal, it makes sense to do a flat mens tuxedo broke. I fell in love with this shoe. I think it's so playful, unexpected. It shows that you don't take yourself. So seriously that you can have fun with the clothes that you're wearing, and a clutch in a bright color, a lucite clutch, or something that has a really special detail can just take it one step further. No matter when you look back on this trend, it's always gonna look right. Season after season. They're gonna be the ones you reach for again and again in your closet. Those are the ones you wanna stock up on because. You're gonna get the most wear out of them. [MUSIC]
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