Lupita Nyong'o Reveals Her Best Beauty Secrets

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There are many universal truths in life, and the fact that Lupita Nyong'o is a flawless human being is one of them. While shooting our April cover, we sat down with the star to discuss her very best beauty secrets, and it turns out that from a young age, her mother put an emphasis on the importance of skincare—especially fitting, considering that Nyong'o is part of the elite group of Lancôme celebrity ambassadors. "One beauty secret my mother taught me is to wear lotion," says Nyong'o. "I use a lot of coconut oil, shea butter, and Advanced Genifique by Lancome ($105; is also my friend."

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The star also gets pretty candid about her morning routine, and shares the one beauty indulgence she can't live without. Hit play to watch the video above in full, and pick up our April issue featuring Nyong'o on newsstands now and available for digital download!


[MUSIC] In the morning, I wake up, I shower, which is always good. [LAUGH] Someone using facial scrub and then moisturizer skin [MUSIC] One beauty secret that my mother told me is oil lotion. I used a lot of coconut oil, Shea butter and advanced genetic fit by Lincoln. He is also my friend [MUSIC] I can't live without massage. I think it's very relaxing and it's also just good for your health, and nice to have that human touch.

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