Luigi Murenu

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Celebrity Hair Stylist Luigi Murenu discusses how he brings his art to life working with the John Frieda® brand.


I don't even know myself why I get into hair. [MUSIC]. It probably started, probably I was watching fashion magazine and being attracted by the images. Those steps that brought me to be who I am today. My job is a white canvas, and I have all the pencils and all the colors, and I like to have fun with it. It gives me the opportunity to be creative, to give women around the world the improvement of this product. That's the legacy of John Frieda. John is an incredible person, he's charismatic, is such an inspiration for me. We talk to each other very straight forward with lots of honesty, we do not to agree on everything and that's what is the beauty of it, that is a true collaboration. Even as an artist you can have difficulties created sometimes, so You need to go away you need to see new things. Music influence me, traveling influence me, people in the street, women all over the world so I'm like a sponge I absorb and reconstruct in my own thinking. I like beautiful hair and I like to see women beautiful, that for me is the reason why I'm doing this job.
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