A-List Party Secrets from Brent Bolthouse

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Nightlife king and 'The Hills' boss-man Brent Bolthouse takes us through a killer bash.


[MUSIC] My name is Brent Bolthouse. I'm a nightlife impresario. I own restaurants, hotels, nightclubs. I've been doing events and parties for about 19 years in Los Angeles. And tonight's my birthday party. And I've invited a few friends over to celebrate. For me it's a small party, but for some it could be a big party. [MUSIC] I think part of our magic is that we are pretty consistent at what we do. We try to pick unique spaces when we do parties, we're always looking for the most innovative style. We create a lot from that area with people, so when they come to anything that we do they see the same people, [MUSIC] We've always attracted celebrities with everything we've gotten through 18 years. And you know, we really know how to [UNKNOWN] to people in the room. Which really helps. If we're talking about your own party. I mean you're gonna invite your friends. You're gonna invite people that you wanna see. And that bring energy to the party. [MUSIC] We always wanna dress sharp. And you don't wanna come in like shorts and shoes. If you're a guy, you can bring beautiful girls. It seemed to always work, too. I work with beautiful girls and one guy. [LAUGH] Not four. I think music is such an important thing. My top favorite DJs, AM, Steve Aoki, and Z-Trip. The great thing about music is, once you get people on the dance floor and they're really enthusiastic you kind of really give them a little bit of anything. I mean, it really gets the energy going. [MUSIC] We spend a lot of time on details, on creating food detail. We're having rose petal martinis tonight, people should really enjoy. Lighting is such an important thing for the overall atmosphere. Just look at the details. Try to think about, if you had to stop and look at the room. I think the details are really important. In anything pertaining to a party. You know, to me, a successful party isn't what happens say, on the red carpet but what happens at two in the morning when the party is over and you got to throw people out because they're having such a great time. To me that's a huge success. [MUSIC]
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