Lightbulb Clip: Sociology informs Gabrielle Union's creative process

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Gabrielle Union on being rediscovered and how she prepares for roles.


Speaker: [MUSIC] You're watching EW Light Bulb, presented by Glade. You know, it seems as if, like, right now, just in the last couple of years, you've had what seems to me like a really kind of incredibly rejuvenating portion of your career. You have Being Mary Jane. And you just had a fantastic role in Top Five. Is it, is it a renaissance that's happening right now? Is that. Speaker: It's, it's nice. I'm like kale. [LAUGH] Been around but they, you know, oh, kale is good. Like oh, that's nice. I need kale's publicist, because kale is everywhere. [LAUGH] It's been nice to sort of be rediscovered and but at the same time, I always kind of kept working so my accountant wasn't freaking out. I was sort of under the radar just enough. So kind of become bright and shiny and new all over again. Mm-hm, mm-hm. Which is I'll take it. Your roles on being Mary J on Top Five are so different in a lot of ways. Is your process sort of different depending on, on the type of role or on- [LAUGH] Depending on who you're working with. Working with Chris Rock is different, than working with Kevin Hart is different, than working with Eddie Murphy is different, than working with Martin Lawrence. They all have different beats and their timing is so different. It's like a double, it's like getting in on a double dutch. So you're like okay, okay. Oh, there I go, now I'm in, now I'm in the groove, now I'm in the groove. Until you **** up, and then you got to hop out. Sure, sure. And start over again. Yeah, a lot of it is, I watch, I love, I love, I love to study people. As a sociology major I did a lot of field study where I'm just watching people and taking notes. And I sort of use that in you know, in, you know, with my job. Watch the full episode of EW Lightbulb presented by Glade.
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