Lightbulb Clip: Rashida Jones is all about fresh, new female characters


The actress and producer discusses the optimistic tone of her work and why she feels comedy should be rooted in truth.


[MUSIC] You're watching E W Light bulb presented by Glade. Seems like you know, you're working on all these different projects. Feels to me you're kind of trying to go for something kind of fresh and something new both as far as like female characters and as far as just. The tone. So that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to go somewhere, and to bring you somewhere that, you know, where you're actually having real feelings, but you can also laugh. You know. because to us like, life is that weird, when you turn, it turns on a dime, and you have that pivot, and you're, you're so sad, and then all of a sudden you're laughing. What's it been like transitioning into the new role of. Of being the person who's, who's at least partially behind the scenes generating this stuff. It's really interesting, I you know, I think it'll be weird to go back to just acting again because I know so much now like, it's you know, it's sort of. You seen behind the curtain at this point>> Disillu, I have. Yeah. It's disillusioning it's also really like enlightening you know? Mm-hm And I actually wouldn't want to unknow what I know but it's nice to be able to be at the beginning of a creative process. With a lot of people that I trust and like, and, and to be heard and respected in that way is nice. Celeste and Jesse, to me, is very bittersweet, but there's a real kind of underpinning of optimism to it. And, and A to Z as a TV show. It's very kind of like fun. Like, is that, is, is there kind of like a tone that, that you're going for in these projects? You know, we're, we're constantly trying to. Figure out what our brands is, because everybody's obsessed with brand. And I think. The only thing we can settle on as a commonality is that we're interested in the, the truth of relationship, and then any comedy that comes from there we're, we're happy about, you know, even if it's like. I'm cool with total absurd comedy as long as the root of it is true, and it's something that people relate to. We want to make a movie about family next. Okay. So, so you're gradually building up to the multi-generational family. Family epic. Yes. That's going to be [LAUGH] I hope so. [LAUGH] From your lips, yeah. Watch the full episode of EW Lightbulb presented by Glade.
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