Lena Dunham & Norman Lear on Gender Identity at the Sundance Film Festival

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Lena Dunham & Norman Lear on Gender Identity at the Sundance Film Festival


Jason Benjamin who's actually been the boom operator here on Girls for the last five years, and is a documentarian, came to us with a New York Times article about a tailor in Brooklyn who makes clothing for people who are gender nonconforming. Who be they trans or just looking to wear clothes a way that's more clearly expressive of who they are in a non-binary gender. Way, these people make suits it's a pair of a guy named Daniel and person named Ray who works with him who's sorta been his entre into the LGBTQ community and they found that there was a real need for clothing that wasn't either a womans suite from Talbott's with two breast darts or like. A dudes suite from Jos A Bank they needed something that existed for people whose gender identity was complex and it was something we loved because our mandate when we started our company was to push the ball forward on conversations about gender and this felt like really interesting way in obviously. Conversations about gender identity are huge in our culture right now and that's so exciting, and fashion felt like it's like we've all got to eat and we've all got to get dressed. And there's something very universal about the process of having a custom suit made and it was also very close to my heart because my sister Grace is A **** woman who has always had a complicated relationship to traditional gender, and is actually in the documentary, having a custom suit made for the first time. And so, to both be able to meet a wide range of people struggling with their identity, and also to be able to film my sister really existing. In her body in a new way for the first time was both profoundly political and intensely personal. And actually, so we're really proud of the film, we actually all, not to spoil anything but we all got suits made for the festival. And I have to say, the experience, I thought, you know well I've never really had an issue with clothes. Like sure, I'd like to be A sample size, that's not gonna happen, but everything's fine. And the experience of putting on the suit that was custom made for me. I was literally brought to tears. Because the feeling of putting on something that fits your body and where you're not tugging and pulling and readjusting yourself in the mirror but you're just yourself, was It was just flooded me and so I hope that the documentary is emotional for people and is about more than clothing and I hope you'll enjoy it. It'll be on HBO in June.

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