Leighton Meester's March 2009 Photo Shoot

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The sultry Gossip Girl talks dresses, designers and fashion inspirations, which include Blair Waldorf herself.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Leighton Meester and welcome to my photo shoot for the March issue of In Style. It was a blast, I had a great time and it was beautiful clothes and hair and make-up and beautiful styling. Something, that I loved, adored was this really beautiful dress that I was laying on the bed. And it was draped all over. And it looked almost like a, a monet painting. I also really like this one was a fendy dress with big pink flowers all over it. And was like more of a close up portrait. But it was very, very cute. You know, so much of the time I'm in New York and you wear black or gray or white and to have it mix up with some prints is just very pleasant and uplifting. Those boots were crazy. When I first saw them, I was like, oh, those are beautiful and then I was trying to walk in them, I'm like yeah I'm a professional. I can't walk, I can't walk in these. Let me just stand here. It's tough to say who inspires me the most when it comes to fashion. I think it all started with me looking up to my mom, you know. She has great style and she did a lot when I was growing up. She was definitely out there when it came to fashion, but now I have a whole bunch of the stuff that she wore back then, she gave to me, so, and I usually get complimented on that. So, [LAUGH]. I take a lot of fashion cues, even just from my character on the show, you know, she's, she's got very good taste. So, I look at her for inspiration. I do love fashion and I love clothes. But, I think it's more about expressing yourself as opposed to expressing a designer, you know? I'm not snobby about what I wear as far as designers. I just wanna have fun with fashion, that's what its about, you know. [MUSIC]
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