Leighton Meester's InStyle Hair Cover Shoot


Watch the Gossip Girl's behind-the-scenes transformation as she reveals her must-have products, favorite styles, and bad hair day secrets.


[MUSIC]. Hi, I'm Leighton Meester, and I'm so excited to be on the cover of InStyle's first hair issue. I came in from work yesterday and my hair was, like, sort of sad and just, like, kind of half done, half slept on, and so it needed some pumping up so Heath put some, a little, like, extra color in it and, it just felt really, like, alive with the wind and everything. It got progressively bigger and more wild and crazy. I loved my hair when it was down, really a deep-part, side-swept with some ringlets to the side, and we were doing one of the cover looks. It's, it was very pretty, although this is pretty great, too. I might just keep, hang on to this for the night. My favorite hairstylist, of course, in the whole world did my hair today, Charles Strahan. He usually does my hair, so, we have a, a love only relationship. Usually, the way I like my hair is just fresh, clean, washed, and hopefully laying on a pillow to go to bed at night [LAUGH]. My hair for, for me, in my life I never do it, and I'm really lucky because I don't have to that much, and so, when I have a day off I just sort of leave it. Actually, I really like the, there was hairspray he was using today, it was like an Herbal Essences. It kind of brought me back to childhood because I used to use that, my, my step-mom had it in the bathroom all the time, so would like use the whole thing when I was in there. And I really like Aveeno products. Oh, and then, like a Mason Pearson brush. I actually have been brushing my hair, which is an accomplishment for me. I know that sounds really funny. I'm a big hat person. I like wearing hats, especially when it's cold outside. It sort of jobs tops of a look and can hide whatever problems you're having that day. The last time that I did my own hair was New Years, and I just curled the whole thing and just let it go for the rest of the night, and it kind of ended up way better than when I first did it. So, and I didn't really put anything in it, maybe a little bit of, like, pomade or whatever was around. [MUSIC],
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