Our Best Beauty Secrets: Learn the Trick To Getting Clump-Free Mascara

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If you've got clumpy mascara, going easy on the eyes can be quite the struggle, until now! InStyle Beauty Director Kahlana Barfield teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Joanna Simkin, who has made up the famous faces of Selita Ebanks, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga among many others, to find out the pro secret behind avoiding the dreaded "spider lash" effect. Luckily, an arsenal of products isn't required to master the trick -- all you need is your favorite mascara, and a clean spoolie brush. Get all the details in the video above.


[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Kahlana Barfield, beauty director at InStyle Magazine. Now when it comes to makeup, there is nothing worse than clumpy mascara, so I am here today with my friend, makeup artist Joanna Simkin and we are going to show an easy way to get clump free mascara. [MUSIC] Apply your mascara as you normally would, adding several coats on each lash from root to. Tip. [MUSIC] To eliminate clumps, use a clean spooly brush. [MUSIC]
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