Shuffleboard Is the Hottest Sport of the Summer! Watch the Video to Find Out How to Play

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June 2014 Issue

Once the preferred sport of cruise-ship passengers and Miami retirees, shuffleboard is being revived by the younger set. “It’s way more social than Ping-Pong or pool,” says Ashley Albert, co-owner of the new Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn. “Plus, it’s the only game you can play with a drink in your hand." How to play? We got the 411 from Albert and her crew. Watch the video above to learn the rules (and how to win). Good luck!

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[MUSIC] Hi, this is Sharon Clott, Senior Editor at InStyle Magazine. And I'm here at the Royal Palm Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn to learn about shuffleboard. Here are the basic moves you need to know to beat out the competition. Shuffleboard is the hottest sport of the summer. The sticks you use are called tang, like this. You move the puck, called biscuit, with the prongs. Not in play, use the opposite side. The goal of the game is to score the most. Point. There is a triangular scoring zone on either end of the court to score points you must use your tang to slide your biscuit into these sections if you score in a 10 off zone you lose 10 points. If you're on the line, it's zero points. So, avoid this area. If your biscuit lands here, it's seven points. Here, it's eight points. And up top, a big ten points. You can keep score on a chalkboard. At this location, they created custom signs for the highest scoring team. Now, let's give it a try. Woo Hoo! Make sure you celebrate horizontally. So, you don't knock anyone out and that's how you play. See more of the hottest summer trends in the June issue of InStyle.
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