Lauren Conrad: 60 Seconds of Style


The designer describes her California-cool style and favorite makeup looks.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Lauren Conrad, and you're at my InStyle photo shoot. [MUSIC] My style is a California casual style. I like to dress a little bit eclectic, where, you know, you kind of mix more casual pieces with nicer pieces. And it's kind of the effortless look where you just kind of throw it together. My top favorite designers are Phillip Lim is my number one. I love him. And Diane Von Furstenberg, and Marc Jacobs are my other. [UNKNOWN] favorites. [MUSIC] I like getting dressed up, and you know, the big hair and make up for putting out shoots and going out. But, I think I feel prettiest kind of in light hair and make up, and just kind of natural. [MUSIC]
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