Why Lauren Bush Lauren Wants You to "Follow My Lead" This Holiday Season

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When Lauren Bush Lauren started FEED over nine years ago, she was on a mission to create quality handbags that would help provide meals to people around the world with each sale. Now, over 87 million meals and almost a decade later, the founder and CEO is kicking off the holiday season with a brand-new campaign that speaks to the power of what we as individuals can do to help the cause. Titled "Follow My Lead," the campaign aims to show shoppers and gift-givers how a simple purchase can have a meaningful impact around the world by providing critical nutrition for children and families who need it the most. "The holiday season is always a special time for us," Bush Lauren told InStyle.

It is for us, too. In every December issue, we highlight our "Shining Stars," the inspiring celebrities who cast a light on causes that deeply resonate with them. And so inside our latest magazine, available on newsstands and for digital download Friday, you can read about Natalie Portman's crusade with Free the Children; Tony Goldwyn's dedication to Americares; John Legend's passion for LRNG + #FreeAmerica; Kate Hudson's love for World Food Program, and Calvin Klein creative director Francisco Costa's unrelenting support for ACRIA. For the feature, Bush Lauren sat down with each of them for intimate conversations about their passions to change lives. 


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As for her own charitable holiday initiatives this year, Bush Lauren teamed up with Adobe to enlist the help of creative types from various industries—from art directors to designers and writerswho competed in what was dubbed the Adobe Make It Challenge to develop the concept for the campaign. Six finalists were flown to New York City, paired up into teams of two, and given just 48 hours to conceptualize and pitch their ideas to a panel of expert judges (including InStyle's own editorial director, Ariel Foxman). One team was selected to produce the winning concept. You can see the stunning images below, and go behind the scenes of the creative process, which was filmed for a docuseries, here. Follow FEED on Twitter and Facebook as more details are unveiled, then click here to shop the latest bags and accessories.

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Stay tuned for more videos featuring Lauren Bush Lauren, special correspondent for our annual Shining Stars feature.




[MUSIC] The holidays have always been a really important time for Feed, as they are for so many different causes. What we do is we create good products that help feed the world. So, every product we make, there's a number on it which signifies how many meals we're able to give Through that purchase. And what's so fun around the holidays is seeing people really come around our brand and our cause of hunger as a way to give a gift to a friend, a loved one. But in doing so, giving a git of meals, of food and nutrition. And being involved in the issue of hunger for over a decade now What I've really found is that unfortunately hungry is one of those causes that kind of falls off the radar. It's so massive, it's so overwhelming, it's so seemingly far away. That people don't want to engage in it. 800 million people around the world are hungry. That's one in nine people, even here in America 49 million Americans are food insecure. So this is an issue that you know that is truly effecting the lives of so many people. Hundreds solvable. We know how to feed people we know what people need. We've made great progress in the fight to end world hunger but there's still a lot more to be done. And I feel very hopeful that. With awareness, with support, we can really move the needle and have a day where there truly is no one hungry. It's been so fun to get to know and to get to talk to the shining stars and what really came through for me was their personal passion and excitement around the different organizations and issues they're involved in. This is not a PR stunt. These are issues that these stars truly care about and are making a difference in and I came away from this whole experience very, very inspired. [MUSIC]
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