Late-Night Highlight: Meryl Streep Was Upstaged by Her 20-Month-Old Daughter


On 'The Tonight Show' Monday Meryl Streep recounted the time she and her daughter, Mamie Gummer, were in a movie together when Mamie was just a baby.


Meryl Streep stopped by the Tonight Show Monday night, to promote her new film Ricky and The Flash. Meryl was clearly thrilled to be working on the film with her daughter Mimi Gummer. But it turns out this isn't the first time the two have worked together. I gave her a stage name, cuz I didn't want people to know I didn't want my children photographed when they were little. But I put her in a movie. [LAUGH] Yes, Mamie was only 20 months old when she starred with her mother, Meryl, on Heartburn. And here's one for the record. Her book, apparently little Mamie upstaged her mom. And she was 20 months old but she was playing a one year old and she got a better review in the New York Times than I did. [LAUGH] So, now that she's all grown up, how does Mamie enjoy working with her mom. She told the New York Daily News working with her mom was really and truly fine. In fact, she said it was downright therapeutic. It was really fun to be allowed to rage. It feels good, like some kind of primal screen therapy. Meryl also seemed to think the yelling was fun. She even [UNKNOWN] during an interview with the Today's Show [UNKNOWN]. She really enjoyed railing at me. And I think they'd all like to do a movie with me and [LAUGH] Work out some issues? Yes, do that! Actually, we're very close. So, it was acting. Yeah! If you'd like to see for yourself whether the therapeutic shouting was acting, you can check out Ricki and the Flash when it hits theaters Friday.
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