The Last Thing Nicole Kidman Googled Is Surprisingly Nerdy


When InStyle sits down with our cover stars for a chat, one of the revealing topics we like to ask about is their Google search history. With May cover girl Amy Schumer, it all had to do with a tweet from her friend Lena Dunham. But for July cover star Nicole Kidman, it was pure curiosity.

So what was the last thing she typed into Google? Watch the video at top for her surprisingly nerdy answer that made InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown call her friend a “walking census.”

Will Davidson

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What's the last thing you Googled? [BLANK_AUDIO] The population of North Korea. And what is it? 29.4 million and that was in 2013, just so you'd like to know. You're like a walking census. [LAUGH] That's really good.
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