Find Out the Last Thing the Cast of Orange Is The New Black Bought at a Drugstore

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Stars, they're just like us! The cast of Orange Is the New Black, featured in our July issue, are continuing to keep it 100 and sat down to tell us about the very last thing they bought from a drugstore.

Watch our video above to find out which mascara brand beats all its higher-priced cousins according to Laura Prepon. And learn what birthday gift Uzo Aduba wants that you can find down the aisles of your favorite catchall cornerstone.

For more from the cast of Orange Is the New Black, pick up the July issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download June 9.


I just was at drug store. What was the last thing I bought? [MUSIC] I only bought face mask. The last thing I bought at a drug store was probably my cheap mascara. I never use really expensive mascara, because I feel like it weighs down my lashes. Maybelline Lash Discovery, it's my favorite. You can get it at [UNKNOWN], or whatever. I bought, actually, a list of things. I bought a pack of lashes, With some glue. [MUSIC] I bought some foot cream, I bought some coconut lip balm, and some shavers. And smart water, because it was on sale two for five. I love the drug store, honey. What is the last thing I bought in a drug store? [MUSIC] Let's say Advil. Let's say Advil. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] I got Zicam, and I got Emergen-C and Airborne, cuz I was going to Vancouver to shoot and I didn't want to get sick. Dayquil, it's also my secret beauty trick. Just crushing it up and snorting it, next question, thank you. The last thing I bought at a drug store was a card. A thank you card. I love cards, notes, like any time people go, It's your birthday. What do you want? I'm like I'm not really pressed on any of that, like I love a card. The last thing I bought from a drug store would probably be some pads. [LAUGH] Keeping it 100. [LAUGH]
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