Kristin Cavallari Explains How She Balances Fashion-Industry Success with Family 

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It’s not easy to find a proper balance between carefully crafting a career and growing a family. But thanks to entrepreneurial women like Kristin Cavallari, there are multi-hyphenate role models we can all learn from. As a former reality TV star, Cavallari isn’t the first to come to mind when thinking of fashion industry leaders. However, with Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry, her stylish line of flats, booties, platforms, and all things shoes, the talent has managed to forge a new path for herself. In an interview with PowerwomenTV, Cavallari explains why she chose to jump into the world of fashion and how she manages to both raise her family and keep a business afloat. Watch the full video above.

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I've just come such a long way, you know, it's crazy to think about Kristin as like the 18 year old girl to me now as a mother and, you know, a business woman. I've definitely evolved. I'm just having a ton of fun and the design stuff is something that I just absolutely love doing and it's great because I can do it from anywhere. I had Cam seven months ago. And they were sending samples in Chicago, and I was able to approve things. And give notes from Chicago, which was great. So it's really the perfect job for me right now. [MUSIC]
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