Kristen Bell Discloses her Summer Must-Haves

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Find out what the actress is doing this summer and what items she just can't live without!


[MUSIC] I'm actually going to Hawaii for my first time this summer for almost three months to shoot. So I'm very excited, I've never been. I'm very into hiking out here so I can't wait to see the kind of hiking Hawaii has to offer and hopefully to parasail and, and surf and just really take it all in. [MUSIC] I think I'm gonna pack pretty light. I've talked to quite a few people who have been to Hawaii before, and they say everybody sort of lives in bathing suits and Tunics or sundresses. One of my favorite things is that designers have been making themselves accessible through lines like Target and I mean, I love Proenza Schouler. And that's the line that's out right now, so I got a bunch of their stuff, a great pink and purple dress that I'm bringing and, I actually have a wonderful Laura Moffatt swimsuit that I've almost worn out. She does a lot of the bandeau ones which is great to not get the tan lines. Actually, the mossimo line at Target has some awesome prints. They're in Hawaii. I use two different mascaras. And I love Clinique mascara. So the lash doubling I use on the top. And the high glossy I use on the bottom. I think Lola and Shigs will be staying here this summer. There summer plans are to patrol the yard. I shoot in San Diego, so they do, they do well on their own. But I'll miss them a lot. [MUSIC] I'm really longing for the Elie Tahari Rory bag. It's sort of this metallic big satchel. And it's leather, and it has wooden handles that it's just, it looks very summery, but it holds everything. The perfect vacation day would involve me. Getting up and making my own coffee, cuz I spend a lot of time working, and so it's very empowering for me to be in my own house and do my own laundry, and, and sort of take care of my home.
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