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What decision? It's not mine to make. Nate broke up with me, and Dan was trying to patch things up with Vanessa. Well, I'm not asking you to make predictions about them. It's about you. What's in your heart. At night when you're falling asleep, what are you wishing for? When you asked me on this trip, you promised me retail therapy. I fell asleep thinking about guys named Luvaton and Loren. Home doesn't exist until we're there. Speaking of home. Oh Merci Dobri. Judging from it's weight and size, I'd say it's your course catalog from Brown. I'll let you know when I open it. You know as much as I'm gonna miss you when you are in Providence, having separate lives ensures no competition, which means no high school pettiness, promise we won't go back to our old ways. Like you said, that was high school. [LAUGH] [NOISE] [MUSIC] Gossip Girl season premiere, Monday September 13th, on the CW.

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