Kiele Sanchez Talks Summertime Hair

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The actress models summer's cutest headbands and chats about her favorite warm-weather looks.


Well I'm really excited to be here. We're doing different looks about summer beauty and I feel really feminine and flirty. The first look I did for Kiele today was like a, a Grecian urban look. And just got her ironed and just sort of worked with her texture. And created the look by pulling it back. Create a bun, and threw some accessories in. It made me feel like a Grecian goddess. I loved it. This is kind of what I would wear on a Saturday. I mean, I put my hair in headbands a lot. Simple beachy California style. I tied Keily's scarf on the side cuz I thought it looked just more modern and fresh. And you know, sometimes when the scarves are too long cut the pieces and just work it so it works for you. What I love about Kiele is she's herself. She's completely natural. Her personality is everything. She's really happy, fun. and her persona comes through. So it's easy to come up with a makeup look with somebody like that. Because I'm an actress and I'm kinda somebody else all the time. You know, I kinda like being me every once in awhile and so I feel much more at home in sorta flip flops, jeans, low maintenance. So what we're gonna do Kiele is a really natural, fresh, easy makeup that you can just do yourself in like two seconds. The most important thing, I think, is just pop those eyes with a little bit of mascara. Just a shear wash of lip tint, right in the middle of the lip just to give it a pop. And what I'm using here is like a light Peach. And it's great to use like peach and pink at the same time because it gives you that warm, fresh look without looking overly made up. Fresh, beautiful, Oh. natural. Oh, thank you. [LAUGH] Thank you. Anyone can get today's looks created on Kiele. Make it simple, and quick, and easy, and modern. Without being too fussy. My summer must-have is probably a tan, and a smile. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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