Lost Your Holiday Spirit? Watch these Kids Open Presents


2016 may not have been the best year for a lot of us, but we have the cure for beating the seasonal blues so you kick off the holiday season on a happy note: Kids opening presents. The gasps and excitement of this crew as they tear the wrapping paper off of their dream toys is a reminder to us all to stop and find the joy in life’s simplicities this holiday season.

Now that you have a smile on your face, it’s time to return the favor. If you’re need of a last-minute gift for someone who’s 11 or under, hit play on the video above for toy options that are guaranteed to make any kid happy.

The presents:

Riley’s gift: My Little Pony Wonderbolts 6 Pack ($60; target.com)

Jonah’s gift: Harry Potter Lego Dimensions ($18; target.com)

Sammi’s gift: Lego Friends Heartlake Food Market ($40; target.com)

Ezra’s gifts: Nintendo 3DSXL ($200; target.com), Super Mario 2D Land ($26; target.com), Nintendo 3DS AC Adaptor ($9; target.com)

Dylan’s gift: Nerf Star Wars Captain Cassian Andor Eadu Deluxe Blaster ($70; target.com)

Siena’s gift: Cat & Jack Girls’ Earmuffs ($8; target.com), Ban.do Lady of Leisure Backpack ($49; bando.com)

Jade’s gift: Lush Pretty Woman Gift Set ($135; lushusa.com)

Hazel’s gift: Design Your Own Headphones: Street Art ($30; seedling.com)

Helaina’s Prop Pillows: Yummy World Large Macaroon Plush Pillow ($30; kidrobot.com), Yummy World Coco Hot Chocolate Plush ($30; kidrobot.com)




[MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] [NOISE] A 3DS! [BLANK_AUDIO] [COUGH] It's a Star Wars Nerf gun. [NOISE] This is a video game, Harry Potter set. Ponies. [NOISE] [MUSIC] [SOUND] My gosh, from [INAUDIBLE]. They're design your own headphones. This is a bath [UNKNOWN]. [LAUGH] All my friends are going to be jealous of this. Really cool. This is like really rare and hard to get, and this helps charge your DS. This is the DS of course. I really like it. [NOISE] All right. [APPLAUSE] Happy holidays. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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