Kerry Washington's Fashion Insights




[MUSIC] The Wow Factor is anything that makes you go Wow. [LAUGH] So, it would be hard to articulate it any other way, cuz that's all you can say when you see it. Honestly, every time I put on a dress, I was like no, this is my favorite. No, this is my favorite. No, no, no, this one's my favorite. I'm so in love with all of these dresses. And what's great is that I got to wear a lot of my favorite designers. People that I have relationships with, like Valentino and Dior and Stella McCartney. Like people that I really love. So, I'm so happy to like be able to shout them out and have them be in the magazine with me. The only thing that makes me sad about today is that because I wore them in a magazine, I can't actually wear them on a red carpet now. Which is so sad, cuz I love these dresses. I think that generally speaking, I like to look and feel classy and beautiful. But, I definitely think I approach clothes the way I approach costumes as an actor. Kind of like what do I want to say today, how do I feel. I try to be creative, but not stress out about it. Depending on my mood I have different icons. You know, like I'll be having a Diane Carol day, or a Gyneth Paltrow day, or a Gwen Stefani day, you know, so it kind of depends on how I'm feeling. I mean, if it's a Sunday afternoon I'm definitely not a gown person, I'm much more of a jeans, and tank top, flip flops kind of girl, but to an event, I don't mind getting glammed up especially if other people are doing it.
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