Khloé Kardashian Wants You to Watch Kendall Jenner Fly Off a Bicycle


Big sisters are there to steer you in the right direction, provide guidance, and make fun of you when the going gets tough.

Enter Khloé Kardashian, the family figure that’s never afraid to poke fun at her sisters' shortcomings.

On Monday, Khloé didn’t hesitate to take to Instagram and share a video of little sis Kendall Jenner like we’ve yet to see her before. Basically, Kendall comes riding through what appears to be a vineyard on a hot red bicycle. Everything looks normal. Her feet are on the pedals. Her head is perked up high. That cropped, furry purple jacket makes her look like the most fabulous being under the sun. And then boom: Kendall takes a tumble.

Watch it go down here:

My work here is done..... @kendalljenner

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Like any sibling would, Khloé shared the video of Kendall almost falling flat on her face to Instagram. “My work here is done,” she wrote as the caption.

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Unlike other major models, Kendall hasn’t taken a shocking tumble on the runway before, but this is one for the books.

Thanks for the laughs, Khloé.


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