Kelly Clarkson

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The steady star reveals how nervous and intimated she was to pose with her musical inspiration, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.


[MUSIC] Steven Tyler agreed to come to the photo shoot with me. And I'm not really nervous around people, but I got, I got really nervous. but we were just goofing around, we did the mouth thing we judged to see who had the biggest mouth. I didn't win. They did like one offs with us like to where we both did separate shoots as well today. I'm all like smile, turn to the side, smile, turn to the side smile and he's like this whole personality while he's doing it. He's just such the perfect rock icon. Like, he's just got this presence about him that is like intimidating but welcoming. It's like, really cool. I've been going to his concerts every since I was a kid, and then he came to one of my concerts with his kids I think on my last tour, so that was really nerve-wracking. [MUSIC] My friends think I'm weird, because when I write, I like to write alone. Like I don't like anyone around. There's always people in my house. So, I like go in my closet. And I just sit there [LAUGH] with my Mac and I like record it on Garage Band and then I'll send. The files to people like from my closet. I think every young performer, like rookie, should go watch some of, you know, the icons. Like Aretha or Reba or like, you know, all these people that you grew up, you know, loving. Because you learn from it. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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