Keke Palmer Shares Her Beauty Must-Haves


Keke Palmer knows a thing or two about makeup. In the music video for her new song, “Enemiez,” the Scream Queens star rocks a serious smoky eye—and just days after the video dropped, Palmer took to her website to share a tutorial for recreating the dramatic look. But there’s more to her beauty routine than sparkly shadows and lush lashes.

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During a recent visit to InStyle’s New York City offices, Palmer revealed which bronzers, foundations, and powders she uses to create a flawless glow, plus the one lip gloss that really has her buzzing. Press play on the video above to find out which products she can’t live without.


[MUSIC] Hey kid it's your girl Keke Palmer and today I'm going to be showing you how I do my everyday make up look. [MUSIC] I love make up. Some of my favorite make up products are Iman. I love Iman's minimizing foundation powder. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful. Especially for brown skin. I mean it really, it has a golden sheen to it, in every one of it's shades. I feel it really brings a beautiful glow to you, when that sun hits you. I love BECCA bronzers, I think they're beautiful. I use the Rold Gold one, and I also use the Topaz one. I put milk on the cheeks on the tip of my nose and here and here. And it's just so beautiful. It is again it gives you that glow. Because I really love matte make up. But sometimes my skin gets funny about that. So I bring the glow back in with these different products like the Becca and also the Iman powders. They bring that life back to my face without making me look too oily. I love the NARS foundation. I mix NARS foundation with Mac, those really work well together. And I also love BUXOM lip glosses. The BUXOM makes great lip glosses, and sometimes it makes you get that little buzz feeling to your lips like [NOISE], but it's cool. I like it. It used to scare me at first but I really look forward to it when I put the lip gloss on now. [MUSIC]
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