Katy Perry's Photo Shoot


The super-cute singer describes getting (and hearing!) her Grammy-nominated song on the radio.


[MUSIC] When I finished the song, I Kissed A Girl, I was anxious to see, you know, how the crowd would react. So I brought it along with me, and stick it in my purse and if I'd be out on the town or with, with my friends in Hollywood, I remember one time specifically I went to a place and had my friend who was DJing. Just play the song, just play the song, can you please play this song, I know this, this isn't out yet, people may not know it. And they reacted, and people were dancing. And, you know, sometimes when you first haven't heard a song, you're like, kinda getting used to it, but there was definitely this type of reaction that was kind of like a foreshadow maybe, to the bigger reaction that started to happen in ways. So it's very good, I was very happy. There was one time I was in a small town in Montana and I was crossing the street, it was a day off from my tour I did in the summer and there was a truck that came up to the red light. And it was a bunch of dudes singing I Kissed a Girl in a truck. You know, I was like [SOUND]. I wanted to go up there and be like, hi, it's me. But I didn't. I think my biggest influence kinda started when I was 15. Freddy Mercury from Queen, I kind of found him by accident. Through a friend. He really influenced me and the way I write my lyrics and still continues to, and he's kind of, he's on stage and he's kind of, no regrets, give it all, 100 percent. Doesn't care what anybody thinks, his attitude is very inspiring, always was. So I think I was most inspired by Freddie, of course. [MUSIC]
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