Katie Holmes's Cover Shoot

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In between takes, the actress reveals her biggest fashion faux-pas—and the stylish pieces she’s saving for Suri.


[MUSIC] My InStyle shoot today was so much fun, and so exciting, and we had a DJ, and we did I think about eight looks, and it went really smooth, and I'm very excited to be on the cover. I love being a mom, and so, when we have our time together and, and just doing one-on-one arts and crafts or whatever, I feel really proud and happy, she's the most amazing person in the world. Often times I will buy something with her in mind thinking you know maybe I'll wear this once or twice but it's gonna look so great on her when she's you know, 25 or whatever so, yes. I have a lot of things that are already set aside, as well as, as, some of my old maternity clothes. So that she can wear them when she's having a daughter, or son. [MUSIC] Well, my underpants, and jeans. I love my jeans. I'm a jeans person. Jeans, and, like, really comfy, yummy t-shirt that's the right softness. It's nice. Just my jeans and my underpants. [MUSIC] I wore Spanx under a long gown and I didn't check when I was sitting to make sure and there are pictures somewhere. And it's not pretty. Always check when you're wearing Spanx that you never could possibly see them. [MUSIC]
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