Katherine Schwarzenegger Is About to Be Your New Best Friend Thanks to Our #AskKat Video Series

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A quick Google search on Katherine Schwarzenegger will tell you the following: 1. she’s a Sagittarius; 2. she lives in L.A.; and 3. she's a blogger and author of two books (Rock What You've Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty From Someone Who's Been There and Back, and more recently, I Just Graduated... Now What?). But what those results won't tell you is how lovely and down-to-earth the 24-year-old is, both of which are things you can learn by watching #AskKat, InStyle's new weekly video series with the blossoming lifestyle maven.

In this new adventure with InStyle, Schwarzenegger's aim is to help you solve your most pressing problems in the areas of fashion, beauty, wellness, and more. (And if she doesn’t have the answer, she has access to experts who do.) "I'm so excited to do these videos and answer your questions so I can continue my learning about beauty products, about food, about hair—everything under the lifestyle umbrella," she says in the intro video above.

Join the conversation now by submitting a question on Twitter to @KSchwarzenegger and @InStyle using the hashtag #AskKat, or by visiting InStyle's Facebook page. And, be sure to watch the video above to learn more things the Internet could never uncover about the blue-eyed beauty—like her admittedly insane addiction to rainbow sprinkles, for starters!

Plus, bookmark instyle.com/askkat to see her latest videos, which will debut every week beginning September 11!


Hi everyone. I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger for In Style, but you guys can call me Kat. I am so excited to be contributing to InStyle.com, where I'm able to answer some of your questions. But first, before we do that, here are 5 things that you wouldn't know about me. I have an insane addition to rainbow sprinkles. Not necessarily eating them on ice cream, but actually just eating them totally plain, which most people find disgusting. Another thing is I'm a huge germaphobe. If I had the ability to take a full body Purell bath every singe day before I get into bed, I would. I also foster dogs, and I. Recently caved, and adopted one named Maverick. We did a DNA test on him to try and figure out what he is, cuz he's so bizarre looking. But we have absolutely no idea. So he could be Cat Dog for all I know. Another thing is that I am insanely obsessed with the queen, Beyoncé. I listen to her music. All day, every day, every single morning when I'm getting ready, and my brothers often ask me how I'm not sick of her music because I listen to it that much. The last thing is that I'm a beauty and lifestyle fanatic, which is why I'm so excited to be able to do these videos and answer your questions so I can continue my learning about beauty products, about food. About hair. Everything under the lifestyle umbrella I'm so excited to talk to you guys about. Each week I will be answering your questions on www.Instyle.com with a new series Ask Kat. I will be talking about everything from food to fashion. Beauty, home decor and relationships. Anything that you guys want to talk about. I'll try and answer them as my best capabilities. Make sure you go online onto Twitter and Facebook and submit your guidance questions using the hashtag #askkat. I'm so excited, and looking forward to hearing all of your questions, so, talk to you soon. [MUSIC]
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