Katherine Heigl: 60 Seconds of Style

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Go behind the scenes of our October cover shoot.


[MUSIC] My InStyle cover shoot today was probably one of my favorite photo shoot experience just cuz my family was here, my daughter, my husband, my mom, my aunt, my uncle. [LAUGH] Like it was just a really fun day. The year I won the Emmy I wore a really amazing white denim Zac Posen dress that was really comfortable, which is a big plus, cuz if you don't feel comfortable, you're so conscious of that that you can't focus on what you're doing and what you have to say. [MUSIC] My personal style fluctuates a lot. When I'm up here in Utah, I tend to be very much the flannels and Levis. And when I'm back in LA, I like to kind of shake it up a little more, wear a little more designer stuff. Here in Utah, I feel, I probably feel the most beautiful and confident here all the time. I have those moments where I wake up, you know, after a, you know, a night of picking zits, and have, look like I have chicken pox or something. And but I'm in Utah and no one cares [LAUGH] and I don't have to put on a ton of makeup to cover it up. And my husband still thinks I look beautiful which is weird, and he's probably lying, but I still feel good. And [LAUGH] I just feel like me. [MUSIC]
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