Kat Graham Reveals the One Thing She Kept from the Set of The Parent Trap

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Believe it or not, it’s been nearly 20 years since Lindsay Lohan convinced us we all had a secret twin in 1998’s remake of The Parent Trap. For Vampire Diaries alum Kat Graham, the Disney film marks a particularly major moment for her—it was the actress’s first-ever movie role!

Don’t worry, she didn’t forget to keep a souvenir (*cough, cough* Alicia Silverstone …)—in fact, Graham kept a rather adorable memento: the camp shirt she wore in the film, later given a beaded fringe by the actress herself.

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Graham sat down with InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown in the latest episode of Dirty Laundry to discuss the sentimental tee, the meaning of fashion (which she describes as a way to liberate herself), and much, much more. Click here to view the full episode from the People/Entertainment Weekly Network and watch a clip above.


This is where I learned how to bead. This is from The Parent Trap that I did when I was a kid, and when we were on set we all did a beading exercise where we beaded our shirts. This I actually wore in the film. Hang on. So if I wear, do we become twins? Uncanny isn't it? Uncanny. So this meant a lot to me. That was the first film I ever did even though I didn't have a big part, and I got cut out. Did Lindsay Lohan ever put this on? This specific one? Yeah. No, but we we all had our own shirts, and I kept it. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is a way for me to express myself. So as an artist, it's a way for me to liberate myself, anything that I'm feeling, whether it's for my music. I'm doing a funk record, so I'm really into Bell bottoms and high waisted, and I'm into anything that is remeninisence of the 70's so it plays a part in how I express myself and my music. As an actor, wardrobe is such a huge part of the character so. So I get to know my character even more by breaking down the wardrobe of what goes into that. And it's also just fun,. It's so fun. It's just so fun. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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