Watch: How to Pull Off a Brooklyn Wedding Theme Like a Fashion Editor

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For InStyle Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield Brown, getting married in Brooklyn was "non-negotiable." She met her future husband and got engaged in the trendy New York borough. That's why when it came to picking a theme for her wedding, there was only one option. Barfield Brown enlisted her longtime friend and event producer at The Vanity Group, Karleen Roy, to help her plan the ultimate Brooklyn-themed celebration.

"Brooklyn is the new black," says Roy, who explains that she wanted the wedding to embody the quintessential cool, hip-hop vibe of the area without sacrificing the formality of the black-tie event Barfield Brown had asked for. That translated into an elegant black, white, and gold décor with a "chic yet hardcore Brooklyn presence."

Watch the video above to see how Roy and her team pulled off Barfield Brown's dream wedding.


[MUSIC] I'm Kahlana Barfield Brown, an editor at InStyle. [MUSIC] Welcome to my wedding [MUSIC] I'm Karleen Roy, I'm Kahlana's good girlfriend ever since college and I also am a New York–based event producer at The Vanity Group. I want it to be a very smooth transition because AV always makes me nervous. Me, personally, I'm an uptown girl all day. But I have to admit that Brooklyn is the new black. Amazing restaurants, amazing scenery, all the fly people are moving here. That's where Kahlana and Dwayne met. It's no other place to get married and start your new life together as husband and wife. She would want this during like your old-school playlist during the arrivals and cocktail hour. I got Candy and I Feel for You and we'll [INAUDIBLE] Yeah it is a little fast. Kahlana's theme is Brooklyn Brown. We are going heavy with Brooklyn. Brooklyn hip-hop, Brooklyn landmarks, and we're in the most beautiful landmark in all of Brooklyn: the botanical gardens. We're talking Cake Man Raven, we're talking Barclays Center, we're talking Biggie and Jay. Even though she wanted to be 100 percent chic we definitely wanted to put in that Brooklyn hardcore influence. People were like wahoo. Boom. Rona had the amazing idea to have her guests wear all black to this amazingly formal wedding. But not the whole wedding. The wedding is gonna be nice beautiful iris and mixed with gold. Gold chargers, you have beautiful menus that are black and white, black embossed letters all over the place. Black, white, and gold. My type of wedding. I would describe the mood of Kahlana's wedding with all of the glam of New York City, fashion chic. Mixed with Brooklyn music. So, though you have people decked out in their Valentino and their Chanel. They're going to be dancing the night away to Biggie, Jay, all of those Brooklyn staples. But you're gonna have amazing white crafted flowers all over the place. We have some beautiful embossed signage that's gonna start the moment people enter the venue. We have amazing custom Coca-Cola bottles that would act as place holders for our wedding guests, so Kahlana really had a great idea with making it feel very glam very chic, but still putting in some amazing personalized punches. That will leave her guests in awe. [MUSIC]
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