Julianne Moore Tells Hilarious Story of How She Accidentally Bought "Horrible" Christmas Presents

Late Night TV

If you've seen one of her many acclaimed movies, then you know that the versatile, stunning Julianne Moore can do absolutely anything. Unfortunately, for the Oscar-nominated actress, she's not quite as infallible off-screen. The Still Alice star stopped by The Late Show on Wednesday night and shared a hilarious story with David Letterman about the inappropriate presents she accidentally bought her 12-year-old daughter this Christmas.

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The actress—who looked effortlessly lovely in a long-sleeved LBD—talked about the perils of being Santa Claus for her older kids. Moore revealed that she bought a charm bracelet for her daughter without realizing their was a crude message engraved in it. ("It's a horrible thing on a gift," she laughed.)

To make matters even worse, Moore also managed to buy a bath bomb with its own scandalous phrasing. As Moore put it, "Man, Mommy was really shopping in a hurry!"

Click on the video above to hear Julianne Moore tell the entire botched Christmas presents story.

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