Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Is Pretty Badass in the New Joy Trailer


If you weren't already excited to see Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper reunite in David O. Russell's new film, Joy, the just-released extended trailer will do the trick.

Based on the life of Joy Mangano (played by Lawrence), the inventor and founder of Ingenious Designs, Russell's forthcoming drama chronicles Mangano's life from ages 10 to 40 and explores what it was like for her to become the family matriarch and head of a business dynasty.

"I want you to remember something because a lot of times people get nice things and they start to think differently," Lawrence says at the start of the trailer. "We got here from hard work, patience, and humility, so I want to tell you don’t think the world owes you anything because it doesn’t. The world doesn’t owe you a thing." This line seems to be the central point of the film, as Joy built her empire on her own ideas and creativity.

According to Russell, who opened up to Entertainment Weekly, "It’s about emotion and about people and humanity and what is ridiculous and ordinary about them but where that becomes extraordinary and magical. That’s that place where we live."

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The two-and-a-half-minute trailer is jam-packed with plot points. We witness everything from Joy's childhood to her marriage to some pretty badass scenes featuring Lawrence​ and a shot gun. Watch it above and catch the movie when it hits theaters Christmas Day.


[MUSIC] Christy look at me. I want you to remember something. Because a lot of times people get nice things and they start to think differently. We got here from hard work, patience and humility. So I want to tell you, don't ever think that the world owes you anything, because it doesn't. The world doesn't owe you a thing. [MUSIC] I was valedictorian in high school. I got into a fancy college. I'm staying here cuz my parents are getting divorced. [SOUND] No! You know what you are, Terry? You're like a gas leak. We don't see you. We don't smell you. But you're silently killing us all. Maybe your dreams are on hold for now. That's the nice way of putting it. You're so beautiful. Get married anyway. Well you could have married a doctor, a lawyer, a nice man, instead of this. I don't even know what to call this guy. Are you seriously talking about this right now? [MUSIC] I believe the ordinary meets the extraordinary every single day. I have real ambitions and real ideas. We're making an invention. It was very scary. << Joy's never run a business in her entire life. << It's my fault. I gave her the confidence to think she was more than just an unemployed housewife. << I don't want to end up like my family. << I have to do things for myself once and for all. << Okay. God speak, good luck here we go. << As you grow up and come into the world, That has all sorts of things in it. My crime, betrayal, it seems like it's shaking us down. << You can pay more. << I can't and I won't. You realize that the only thing you're going to have is what you make. << You are in a room and there is a gun on the table. The only other person in the room is an adversary in commerce. Only one of you can prevail. Do you pick up the gun Joy? I pick up the gun. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Listen to me. Never speak on my behalf about my business again. [MUSIC]
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