See Michelle Obama's Hairstylist's Secrets for Keeping a Blowout Fresh

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It is possible for a killer blowout to stay fresh—if you have the right bit of pro-intel. In the name of good hair days everywhere, we’ve enlisted FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s go-to hairstylist Johnny Wright to answer some of our most common hair conundrums. First up: The key to keeping your wavy blowout look like you just left the salon.

According to Wright, most of the work required to maintain your blowout’s waves is done when you’re sleeping—yes really! The pro suggests swapping your cotton pillowcases for satin ones. “This helps not to interrupt the style so much and will keep the actual curls in place,” he says.

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Nighttime routines aside, he stresses that it’s important not to use a curling iron everyday for quick touch ups because it can cause breakage. If you can’t resist picking up a hot tool, Wright recommends using one that’s dual voltage and has heat control such as Corioless The Magic Wand ($89; so it can be used on a lower setting.

Hit play on the video above to get all of Wright’s pro-tips. Then, go forth and get your blowout on.


[MUSIC] Hey guys. It's Johnny Wright, celebrity hairstylist. My most notable client is the first lady, Michelle Obama. And, I am so excited to be here at InStyle answering all of your questions about your hair issues. I've been doing this a long time so I'm here to help. [MUSIC] Sleep with a satin pillowcase. That helps not to interrupt the style so much, Letting you keep the curls in place. Another thing you can do is somewhat of a pin curl at night. You could take honestly, maybe four to Five sections all over here, or four to six sections if you wanna do it in even numbers. Roll it down, pin it, put a satin bonnet on it or just sleep on your satin pillowcases. That's gonna help maintain your curl better. I don't want you reaching for the curling iron Everyday because that's gonna break your hair off so I would never be the one to say, just pop some curls in it everyday but if you do you know want to use the iron throughout the week make sure you find a tool that you can turn the dials down. Where you have heat control, it doesn't just go from on to off One timber shaw and that's it. You want variable heat control some of my favorite tool is corioliss. What's so great is dual voltage, you can use them all over the world and they definitely have the heat control you can go to zero to 450, the best thing.
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