How to Wear All Black All Summer, According to Odd Mom Out’s Jill Kargman


On Odd Mom Out, Jill Kargman plays an Upper East Side mom trying to do her best while navigating a world packed with lavish parties, Hamptons homes, and “weekend staff.” Her character, Jill Weber, is a satirical version of Kargman herself—but while many storylines are loosely based on things that the series' creator has witnessed IRL, the Jills aren’t one and the same. Despite sharing the same first name and passion for Game of Thrones, there are actually many distinctions between the two.

“I feel like the character version of myself is the real me at 28, when I was a new mother and so worried about what people thought,” Kargman told InStyle when she recently stopped by to dish on season three of the Bravo series, which premieres Wednesday, July 12, at 10 p.m. ET. “I just felt way more vulnerable then, whereas now, I just don’t care. I think 42 comes with such liberation about opinions.” 

While Kargman and her onscreen persona may be in different stages of life mentally, they’re very much on the same page when it comes to fashion. “I wear all of my own clothes on the show, so there’s no difference between my style and Jill Weber’s,” said Kargman. “Our current costume designer, Emily Gunshor, really leaned into my darker side for season three—and that includes my love of S&M-like leather harnesses.”

Thanks to Kargman’s edgy personal style, it’s no surprise that the Jills’ shared wardrobe is predominantly comprised of pieces in one shade. “I wear black all the time because it’s just the easiest, most effortless uniform for me,” said Kargman. “It’s kind of naughty and nice at the same time.” And when others break out their crisp white dresses for the summer, Kargman sticks with what she knows best. “I’ve managed to wear black all summer for 42 years,” she said, explaining that “you have to think a lot about textures” when running around New York City in dark clothing during the hottest months of the year. 

For more of Kargman’s best tips for wearing all black all summer long, press play on the video above.


You know, there's this myth that you can't wear black during the summer, wear black to weddings or you'll look like a Sicilian widow. And I completely vehemently disagree. I've managed to wear black all summer for 42 years. [MUSIC] I wear black all the time because it's just the easiest most effortless uniform for me, and I can pair all different kinds of textures. I feel like black affords you so many different identities, it's kind of naughty and nice at the same time. I think an all black outfit changes in the summer because you have to think a lot about textures. This is a perfect example, it's by Gemma Kahng of a lace thing that you can throw over. I have a bunch of lace jackets and she really specializes in juxtaposing these materials of leather and lace which I like because it's kind of romantic and violent at the same time. I think it used to be a rule that you are not supposed to wear black because it's for mourning. Depends who is getting married. No, I'm kidding. I wear black to every wedding. I have a lot of long, black Luisa Beccaria dresses that are lace with sashes that really flow long and beautiful and it feels very free because it's Has that lacy ventilation, but it still looks really chic. When I go to the park, I generally wear a black jean skirt and a Nine Inch Nails T-shirt and some kind of black sandal like my Altman June sandals, or something like that. When i have an important meeting for work I pretty much dress like a Fall person because it's always air conditioned in these building. I might not wear a motorcycle jacket but I have a Zadig Voltaire black blazer. With a black rhinestone skull on the back thrown over a little dress or a Marc Jacobs skirt and my Miu Miu flats. [MUSIC] When I go to Sunday brunch, you don't have to worry about spilling your Mimosa if you're in a black t-shirt. But I generally will wear Sort of a black long sleeve shirt, or even a tank top, a black tank top with any number of skirts. I still wear leather skirts in the summer. [MUSIC] So, I'm really in to black jewelry, especially black matte, I think it's really beautiful. This is from Valentino, and I love it, it has flowers because that's actually, inherently spring or summery, but then they're black. It's kind of a beautiful semi-gothic piece and even if you don't wear black, if you'd rather wear white in the summer, this is a nice way to kind of keep it urbane and interesting. A big accent earring is essential, so today I'm wearing my Lulu Frost for J Crew earrings. And these, I don't even remember where I got these, they're not real but they're kind of lacy and fun and I think when I have a high bun with a Summer sun dress, this just finishes the look. One thing that is essential in Summer is a pedicure. When I see people's subway toe nails [UNKNOWN]. So I'm very vigilant about my pedicures. These are chic pedicure shoes That is really a game changer for me. Instead of just winding around or being a gladiator, these ribbons come in, they're leather ribbons, and these loops that are wide and you can make them in 24 styles. I wear a lot of bows in my hair, I feel like there's something again with the naughty and nice. From wearing black leather, I think a nice balance for my tattooed bow is a real ribbon bow. And this one's from Chanel. I've had it for a million years. And it just keeps on going. I wear it Memorial Day to Labor Day every summer. Thanks for listening on how to dress like a Sicilian widow all summer. It can be fun and not funereal. Season three of Odd Mom Out premiers July 12th at 10 o'clock.
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