Jessica Paré Reveals Her Four Favorite Mad Men Costumes


For InStyle’s March Issue, Mad Men star Jessica Paré, who plays Don’s secretary-turned-wife Megan Draper, traded her ‘60s era looks for more modern styles, but with AMC’s hit show returning this Sunday, we had to know which of her many glamorous looks from season 5 were her favorites."Every once in a while you'll find something that's really perfect for a scene but it doesn't fit quite right," Paré says in the video above. "This dress had been through so many alterations over the years, that you just can't quite get it where you want it to be. It was one of my favorites, but it was probably of the more annoying ones to wear." To see which dress she's referring to, as well as her other three picks, watch the video above, and then click through the gallery to see what the show’s Emmy-winning costume designer, Janie Bryant, had to say about the same looks! Be sure to tune into Mad Men this Sunday when season 6 premieres at 9/8c on AMC.


[MUSIC]. The Zou Bisou dress we chose because it's black, so it's a little bit more European, and just the whole cut of the dress complemented the dance very well. The original sleeves on it closed at the cuff, and then Janie Bryant, our costume designer decided to alter them so that they would [UNKNOWN] really flow with all the movement. It's such a dramatic scene, and the dress compliments itself well with something over, over powering or distracting. There's a coral dress with a coral chevron jacket. And I think I wear it in multiple episodes. But I wear it in the Howard Johnson thing, and Janie Brian was really excited. Is to have like that chevron pattern that matched the texture of the [UNKNOWN] and that one in particular is like pretty dramatic with the whole argument that we had going on that day. There's a scene where Betty comes to pick up the kids at Don and Meghan's apartment and she's wearing like a much more traditional sort of conservative like politician's wife. Get up and it's very Betty, you know, very proper. And I'm wearing this sort of velvet thing that's kinda like crazy paisley, orange sleeves and a tie. The two characters could not look more different and, and from more different eras because you know the show is like we're getting later into the 60s at this point in the series and You know you really see how Megan and Betty are so dissimilar. There's this red dress that I wear to a theater scene and it's jeweled here and it, it was one of my favorite pieces of the season. All of the clothes are vintage. Every once in a while you find something that's like really perfect for scene and really great but it doesn't quite, fit exactly right and it's been through so many alterations over the years that you can't quite get it to where you want it to be. So this was a dress I remember was like the foundation garment. As, as for most outfits with the show, foundation garments were so important for it, so yeah, it was one of my favorite looking, but it was probably one of the more annoying ones to wear. [LAUGH]
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