VIDEO: Jessica Alba Explains How She's Mastered the 10-Minute Makeup Routine 

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How does Jessica Alba manage to successfully juggle the responsibilities of being a mom, running her own business, finding time to squeeze in a workout, and always looking so flawless? Not by wasting time primping in the morning, apparently.

Instead, the actress has her morning beauty routine down to a science. In the clip above, Alba takes us through her step-by-step plan to get hair- and makeup-ready in 10 minutes, flat, allowing her more time to spend on her many ventures. And the funny thing is, despite spending little time on her looks, the Honest Company founder has never looked more gorgeous.

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My skin care routine is that I have an actual routine. I wash my face every night. I use an eye cream every night. I use moisturizer every night and in the morning I use a cognac sponge. And I do a light exfoliation and I use my primer and the de-puff eye cream every morning. I think having a consistent skin care regime is really important. [LAUGH] And stay hydrated, and try and get sleep. I've learned over the years and certainly now that I'm a mom I work and I go to the office everyday. It use to take me a little bit longer to get ready in the morning and I have mastered the ten minute makeup and hair situation. It took me awhile to get there, but I made it. I can get my game face on In ten minutes. My everyday makeup essentials are is definitely a concealer. For sure a cream blush. I always have my magic balm. And I always have some type of lip whether it's a gloss or a lip crayon or something like that. My hair and makeup routine every day, whether I'm going to the office, or at-home with the kids, or taking them to the park, or anything is pretty much the same. I usually leave the house with wet hair. I put a little sea salt spray at the roots, and a little bit of oil on the ends. And I use My honest conditioning spray everywhere else and I just let it dry naturally. And then for my face I usually do a tinted moisturizer, a little concealer, creme blush, curl the lashes and some type of lip.
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