Jessica Alba Concealed Her Then-Baby Bump with This Red Carpet Dress

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Jessica Alba doesn’t have to rely on a few year-round Cinderella moments to get our attention. Yes, the 35-year-old star is capable of sizzling in a two-piece bikini or making any airport’s TSA line her runway, but when it’s time to step foot in front of the cameras and onto the red carpet, the actress truly delivers.

For InStyle’s July cover star, an evening spent in a one-of-a kind designer frock is always unforgettable. That’s why the “very glamorous” peach Oscar de la Renta gown she wore to the 2013 Golden Globes is hands-down a favorite. “I wanted to do a modern femme fatale,” she says of the look in the video above, adding that Rita Hayworth was her source of inspiration. Interestingly enough, the coral lip she wore with it wasn’t exactly her first choice. “It was a last-second impulsive choice to have my lipstick match the dress,” she says.

As for winning throwback moments, among her favorites, Alba cites the gold, ‘70s-inspired Michael Kors frock she wore to the 2012 Met Gala (“I felt like I just stepped outside of Studio 54,” she says), not to mention the blue Atelier Versace dress that helped conceal her then-baby bump at the 2011 BAFTA Awards. "I was happy I zipped the dressed up," she shares. "It was the last time I could go out without the bump being so big."

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Watch the video above to hear Alba discuss more of her favorite red carpet moments, and to see our full feature on the actress and entrepreneur, pick up the July issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download Friday, June 10.


[MUSIC] The MET last year was really fun, the theme was China and my friend Humberto and Carol actually design for Kenzo but they also created opening ceremony and He is Chinese and Peruvian, so it's cool to go with someone who understood the culture completely. And I just felt like the print was very cool, it was tigers and bamboo. It was rad. And it was fun going with friends. Hey, Jessica. One smile over that shoulder, Jessica. The Oscar de la Renta for the Golden Globe Was very glamorous. Rita Heyworth was my inspiration actually for that one. I wanted to do like a modern kind of femme fatale but that peachy color was just very young and fresh, and it was a last second impulsive choice to have my lipstick actually match the dress. We were like, you learn that I'm gonna really hate this, or it's gonna be cool. And it worked, thank God. [LAUGH] I mean it's fine if people don't know, it's like Philip. But it's nice when they do. The Reem Acra baby to baby galley. It was a Fuschia giant princess gown I remember my stylist's were like, [SOUND] we could go with more cool girl thing, and I'm like, you know what, I'm going to a ball. This, a huge fun thing, for the kids, let's raise some money. It's an organization that's so important to me, and I just feel like going in with this big fun bright color. Which just gave me the right energy and we did raise a lot of money that night. [MUSIC] Michael Kors Met Gala was definitely a throwback to the 70s. Michael Kors does it really well. And I felt very glamorous. I felt like I'd just stepped outside of Studio 54. The BAFTA's Versace look Was really beautiful. I remember I was happy that I zipped the dress up cuz I was secretly pregnant. And I wasn't telling anyone yet. And it was kind of the last time I can kind of go out in public without the bump being so big. And my girlfriend Lauren did my makeup. And they didn't have a hairdresser so They only thing she knows how to do is a braid. So she did that braid in the front and I think she did it really well. [LAUGH] Gucci, that silver one-shoulder dress, that dress was hard to wear. Thank god it zipped up, but it, I couldn't breathe. But I thought the dress was really fun. Yeah, that was a good night.
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