Jeremy Scott- The People's Designer - Official Trailer (HD)

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Jeremy Scott- The People's Designer - Official Trailer (HD)


I want my clothes to live, to party, to have fun, to create a moment. [MUSIC] Jeremy Scott changed my life. Kind of put the bridge together between the ghetto and high end fashion. You know, Shorty, you got wings on your sneakers already now? He knows who he is, first and foremost, and his clothes have a narrative. His clothes have their own story. It's kind of inspiring to listen to his story. You know, obviously being such a strong character could sometimes Be intimidating, and he just makes it work. I was a kid in a farm in a small town, looking at magazines and seeing high fashion, and wanting to be a part of it so badly. I didn't realize that the runways were fake and that TV wasn't real Any time you look different or think different or stand out in any way, sadly it's a threat to people and I'm not sure why it's a threat to people but I think that that was hard for him. There'd be times I had to sleep in the metro because there was not a place to go. I think we all suffer for things that we believe in. Especially a kid that starts out with nothing. [MUSIC] I don't want to be seen as a facsimile or someone else. [MUSIC] This is a huge show for Jeremy, a huge show for [UNKNOWN] and it just has to go perfectly. [MUSIC] No one really knew what I was going to do. And this was the first show. The first outing. So it was really going to set the tone. [MUSIC] His clothes kind of represent people being like every expressive and forward and fully free and its kind of empowering in a way. He's not Just to fashion designer. He's a star. [MUSIC] He has a real opportunity But I think for him to do something really exciting, he has to push himself in ways that he hasn't before. [MUSIC]

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