Jennifer Esposito Talks Dealing with Adversity: "I Don't Have a Tolerance for Injustice"


If there's anyone who knows how to overcome adversity it's the Brooklyn born Italian actress, dancer, and model Jennifer Esposito. In this segment of the Power Women TV series Esposito shares her advice for conquering obstacles and moving forward in life.

The I Still Know What You Did Last Summer actress reminds us that she has, "never had an option to just lay down." Naturally, Esposito has an innate drive to fight challenges and she even confessed, "I don't have a tolerance for injustice." She went on to admit that when she's faced with adversities there's a fury that is stirred within her. Instead of focusing on the problem Esposito looks for the solution and says, "I need to do something. So, I tell any woman or man to take that energy (sadness, fury, or aggravation)...and use it to push yourself forward." To Learn more watch the full interview above.

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I guess, you know, they say what, you're only given what you can handle? Well, I guess I can handle quite a lot cuz things get thrown at me a lot, and like big things and all at once and the only thing I can say is I never had an option to just lay down. Never. I've always taken care of myself. I think if I've had that option to lie down maybe I would have in the past because sometimes you just go "How am I gonna get through this one?" But I'm also an Italian girl from Brooklyn who has a fight in me that I honestly don't know where it comes from. I really have no idea. It's just, I don't have tolerance for injustice. I can't tolerate it. It upsets me. So when I see this disease hurting so many people, and no one's talking truthfully about it, It infuriates me and that fury turns into I need to do something. So I tell any woman or man, take that energy, whatever that is, that sadness, that fury, that aggravation and turn it into something that you can push that Behind and push yourself forward. There's no stopping, there's no sitting down. You just go. I always say, just move forward. [MUSIC]
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