Jennifer Lopez Says George Clooney Was an "All Right" Kisser

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Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Daily Show on Tuesday where she dropped a huge bombshell: George Clooney is just an "OK" kisser.

Host Jon Stewart asked the actress/singer/American Idol judge about her best and worst on-screen kisses, and when he mentioned her famously handsome Out of Sight co-star, Lopez simply said with a smile, "He was all right." Lopez also revealed another stunner about Clooney: he's definitely not a singer. (To which Stewart quipped, "In your face, Clooney!")

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The Boy Next Door star said that while she has had "some good and some not-so-good" movie smooches, "I've never had anybody with bad breath, which is awesome for me."  Lopez—who looked downright stunning in a white cut-out dress ("You are dressed for a much nicer place," Stewart told her)—also talked about her on-screen chemistry with her Boy Next Door co-star Ryan Guzman, and why kissing only happens after the audition process.

See Jennifer Lopez's hilarious chat by clicking on the video at top. (And watch the entire The Daily Show with Jon Stewart segment below.) 

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For your late night highlights, Jennifer Lopez dished about her former movie co-stars kissing habits. And you'll never guess who she was totally unimpressed by. I don't know. Can I tell you who I think it is? [LAUGH] Who? I think it's Clooney. [LAUGH] He was okay. [LAUGH]. [APPLAUSE] Alright, he's alright. He was alright. Yes, apparently J-Lo thought George Clooney was just okay at smooching. We're sure his wife, Amal [UNKNOWN, begs to differ, but apparently Lopez just likes her men a little younger. The 45 year old singer did date 27 year old Casper Smart for more than two years. And she's recently been linked to another 27 year old, her The Boy Next Door co-star Ryan Guzman. To see their onscreen chemistry for yourself, you can check out the flick when it hits the theaters Friday.
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