Jennifer Lawrence Was So Excited to Sleep, She Hurt Herself

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Jennifer Lawrence really loves sleep. She told Conan O'Brien she was so thrilled to catch some zzz's on a plane recently that she dislocated her toe.


Jennifer Lawrence really loves to sleep. Some might even say too much. [LAUGH] She told Conan O'Brien in the show when you're on a world [UNKNOWN] a major film. There isn't much time for sleep, so she was pretty psyched when she actually got a chance to catch some Zs. We were so turned around. We were in a new country every, so, the best night of sleep on the whole tour I got was on the plane. And it was about 12 hours. And I actually dislocated my toe. Yeah, apparently the Hunger Games star managed to knock her own toe out of place during her celebration. Probably would've been better to just, well, go to bed, huh, Jen? But at least the movie she lost so much sleep for is almost here for the world to see. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 hits theaters Friday.
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