Jennifer Hudson Gets Ready for a Night Out


Go behind the scenes at our photo shoot with the Oscar winner and find out how she got her look.


[MUSIC] Hi, this is Jennifer Hudson, welcome to my photoshoot. [MUSIC] Today, we were shooting Jennifer Hudson for a fun girl's night out on the town and she looked great. She wore a Missoni dress for one of her looks. It enhanced her skin tone with the, with the pretty patterns and the light, pastel colors. It was more of a shift and loose, but it fell beautifully on her. The jewelry we did Chanel's Lower Line pink and rhinestone earrings, the double Cs. All the girls love those. And we accessorized with an Anya Henmark clutch in gold. We put Jennifer in a pair of Page jeans. They are bootcut jean with a halter Yaya black and white graphic print top, which was also big trend on the runway. A Fendy clutch that was very playful, fun, metallics, hardware. The shoes were Stuart Whitesman and they were beautiful gold strappy sandel that we elongated her leg. We wanted to go for a soft look today. We wanted to keep it fun. So I went with really natural colors and I used a basic liquid liner to line her eyes. A light color on her lids to open up her eyes. The soft palette for the blush which was like a peachy color and I also used a soft neutral brown for her lips. We started out with her hair down. Parted down the center, big barrel curls about the size of, like, a quarter or a 50 cent piece. Just take it and pin it over to the side and do just like a little sad pony tail and just leave out the front, just to give it a little more romantic kind of soft feel. Jennifer's personality is great and that's what I love about working with her, because she's not a stiff person. She's young, she's beautiful, she's fun, she's the all-American woman with a beautiful body.
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