Jazmne Sullivan and Andra Day Hit the Black Women in Music Red Carpet


Essence Live hits the red carpet for Essence's 7th annual Black Women in Music event.


[MUSIC] Why, thank you so much, Dana. Hey guys, Alicia Renee here on the red carpet for Essence Women in Music. Let's see who we can talk to tonight. [MUSIC] Black women in music. What does events like this mean to you? It's so important. I think, you know, for us just to kind of be together, celebrate each other, lift each other up. I think it's so important. And that's why I love to go every year. I think it's great to see so many women in music at the moment. Especially women who are writing and producing and I think it's just really great to see. I think exciting is actually an understatement. It's overwhelming, it can be overwhelming. But really I think what I'm experiencing most is just gratitude. I think it's very empowering. And the other women of color to see people succeeding in their field of interest, and in their fields of, and their passion. Black Women in Music, what does that mean to you? Man! It just means that tonight we get to celebrate one another for all the works. Black women in particular are so creative, so talented, and this is our opportunity to celebrate the artistry, the creativity, just the brilliance of Black women in music. It's very important for me, Could be a part of whatever's going on. There are so many black women and men achieving like pick them up give them all the praise. Yeah. All right guys that is it for me. I'm gonna head inside and enjoy myself at this lovely event. Essence women in music. Thank you so much for having me guys. I am Alicia Renee
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