Jamie Chung Dishes on Being a Street-Style Star & What It Means to be Part of #PumpRockers

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Jamie Chung is your modern-day fashion darling, so you can bet this former reality-TV star turned Hollywood actress knows a thing or two about looking good. Whether she’s dashing between photo shoots or prepping for her next big-screen debut, Jamie is a woman who is always thinking on her feet. We all know the right shoe has the ability to make or break any outfit, so we teamed up with the high-heeled experts at Nine West to sit down with one of our biggest style crushes to get the inside scoop on how she manages it all. Go behind the scenes with Jamie as she dishes on what it means to be part of the #PumpRockers campaign, and how the right high heel can change everything.


[MUSIC] There is no typical day. Whether it's doing voice over work over on a lot, going to a show room and then pulling looks for a shoot, auditions, being on set, meeting up with friends. Like, it's quite jammed packed, but this is who I am, you know, I'm always on the go. [MUSIC] When I put on a heel, it gives me a new found confidence. You know, you walk differently, you present yourself differently, you put it on and it changes your physicality. It gives you a bit more confidence and a little bit of [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] Because the day is so jam packed, the outfit that I usually wear transitions pretty well from day to night, from jumping from a meeting to a cocktail dinner. I always love to add a bit of pop with my pump. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] My name is Jamie Chung and I'm a PUMPROCKER. [MUSIC]
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