Gail Simmons Discusses the Importance of Being Yourself

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Gail Simmons didn't find success by following in the footsteps of others. In the above video, the celebrated chef tells The Interview host, Amy Palmer, that on her journey to the top it was important to stay in tune with herself. It's as simple as looking at the doors present in your life and walking through them.

"Everyone has their own path and their own adventure," Simmons says, and her career is a reflection of that advice. While it's fine to find inspiration from others, at the end of the day the most successful individuals are those who follow their own intuition. Her advice to up and coming entrepreneurs: "When anyone says I want to be the next Gail Simmons or the next you, there's no such thing, and that's OK."

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I think for someone looking at you and saying, "I want to be the next Gail Simmons," there's no career path for that. It's like you said you have to look at the doors, you have to walk through them. Ten years before I could have never in a million years have believed you if you told me that I would be a judge on food reality television. That was not a job when I first graduated college. I don't think that it's ever possible to be the next anyone. Everyone has their own path and their own adventure and you might not be able to do exactly what someone else can do. But you'll find other ways to do things that I was never able to do. And that's why when anyone says, I wanna be Gail Simmons, or I wanna be the next you. No such thing, but that's okay. You don't wanna be me. You wanna be you. But I hope that I can inspire you along the way. [MUSIC]
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